Who you "Follow" online can affect how you feel. Clearing your list is self-care.

Hey Beauties,

Let's talk social media and the role it can play on your mental wellness. I just hit 20K and I know that the small piece of the internet I have, has purpose. Women from all around the world seek out my advice, my relatability, and my voice. In my opinion, what a waste to spew negativity? I choose the opposite. I choose light. I choose laughter. It's a lot of hurt people with access to the internet. I happily BLOCK them and love on the rest.

Sisterhood Vs. Shade

Perfect example. Same Ad, different perspectives. As a plus size woman, whch post makes you feel good about yourself?

If you're a fan of the Tiff and Scoop Show you will see the full Vlog of Scoop getting a pamper session by the Queens Quarters; make sure you check them out for your wellness needs right here in the Holly Springs, North Carolina area!

But in this clip, we were discussing how social media can play hand-in-hand with how you feel daily.

I hope this has inspired you to clear out and clean up your social media. No shame in ensuring YOU are GOOD! If others make you feel a way, remove them. Then replace them with those who also choose light. Find your new online tribe!

Did you catch my "BLOCKT Party" video? Check it out! Social media won't force me to change my values due to low vibrations. Nope!

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