Wellness - How I Push Through Stress. 5 Tips to help you recover.

Hey Beauties,

This week I want to focus on wellness. One of the most successful pieces of my weight loss journey has been my ability to change my mindset. If you've been following me for a while, you know that I frequently chant "change your mindset, change your life," and recently, I had to remind myself of that. So let me tell y'all all my bizzznaaassssss and demonstrate how even I need these wellness moments.

Coming back into my new role was extremely rough for me. I had to QUICKLY go from zen at home/no bra days, to fast-paced corporate life. My challenges included a flood, learning new protocols (COVID-19), learning a unique role, teaching that new material, and setting up systems to succeed. WHEW!!!!! I am an extremely hard worker, so I put the daunting task of getting all of these items done myself, and I burnt out exceptionally quickly. This past week I did a lot of personal reflecting and remembering the basics of my wellness journey. I wanted to share some of the identify triggers, solutions to wellness, and how I personally change my mindset and how it's ultimately helped me this week.

Remember your goals. You are writing out a task list of things that you are wishing for your life and putting that manifestation out to the universe of what you plan on achieving.

  1. Make a plan of action. Nothing feels better than success, and having a successful strategy for things that you want to achieve in your life will make you feel unstoppable.

  2. Change your surroundings. Your environment matters! Clean those closets, wipe down those countertops, organize all these things a tribute to how you feel, and help you gear yourself up to be successful.

  3. Stay in your lane! Don't compare your journey to anyone else's. Comparison is the thief of joy! Be proud of your success is to be proud of your timing; be proud of your journey.

  4. Affirmations! Utilizing tip number one! Tell yourself how wonderful you are and how you're going to crush your list. You got this sis!

Bonus, remember who TF you are!!!! Once I dusted myself off and switched my mindset, my days have been better. I feel lighter! Life is good. Stressing won't change a thing but being intentional will.

Until Next Time...


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