Waist Trimmers Vs. Waist Trainers

Hey Beauties!

Can you believe we are in the last week of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge? I'm so proud to hear all the success stories from you, ladies! I've personally lost NINE lbs. so far in the past two weeks, and I'm so much stronger than before. EXTRA bonus, I've started real-life habits to keep me successful in my brand and business! Blessings!

One of the NUMBER 1 questions I get from my "Beauties" is what do I wear when I work out? Well, I created a full Youtube video just for YOU! I explain the main differences, which one I personally use to cut inches, and I show you how to wrap yourself properly. Yea, I'm giving GOODT tips!

Waist Trimmer = Wicks away sweat from problem areas to contour your shape.

Waist Trainer = Utilizes steel boning and 10 hrs+ daily use to contour your shape.

As you all remember, my "Free the Fupa Campaign, highlighted that women embrace their "Fat Upper Private Area." I STILL believe a woman should fall in love with her body. It' the best romance she will experience in her life, even the bits she isn't quite fond of; there is beauty in it all. Although I'm currently working out more and targeting my areas of tummy, thigh, and butt.....I know that I will forever have a FUPA and that childbirth will forever leave its mark on my body. That's ok! Duality appreciates the current while acknowledging the journey to the next level.

I truly hope this helps! If you are still struggling to lose weight and keep it off, join my 21-Day Challenge! I can't wait to assist in your journey!

Until Next Time...


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