Tips for moving during COVID-19

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If you've been following the Tiff and Scoop Show Instagram, you know that #TeamSmith has moved! A little backstory: We purchased our first home nine years ago while Eric was in the Air Force. Since then, we have moved FOUR states, rented out our house, rented homes to live in, and now want to buy our "forever home." Whew! -Just typing all that made me tired. LOL! Those who have a military background will understand how bouncing from state to state can cause a sense of yearning for a "home."

Last October, my husband and I decided to scale back ALL of our finances so that we can save up for our forever home. You know, the home our grandkids know as “grandma’s house.” We created a new budget, a 12-month plan, and found a place that was perfect; even cut down our commute to work! Savings on savings!

Extra bonus, our new home is only a few minutes from my mom, which would grant us easy "help" with the boys. We created the perfect plan, or so we thought. What we didn't plan for was the COVID-19 pandemic to hit the state of North Carolina in March, making our planned move in April risky.

We are so grateful to be safe and in good spirits. The companies that assisted us went above and beyond to serve us during this time, and we had one of the best moves we've ever had! Again, we're military based, so we've moved quite a bit in the past years- so that's a huge compliment.

Understandably, our original movers decided to cancel once the pandemic hit. However, that didn't change the fact that we had large furniture pieces to move, items to clean, and overall help to get settled. I wanted to share three tips that helped our family AND link the companies we used. If you're local, please consider these small businesses, tell them Tiffany sent you. You'll see my full review on their pages as well.

  1. Check Groupon for the services you need. Groupon was more up-to-date with which companies were operating vs. google search. Plus, we were able to snag our moving and cleaning crews for a low price. Make sure to call and double-check with the company PRIOR to booking online. That way, you can confirm they are operational. Also, some companies will honor the Groupon deal if you book directly. It helps these small business owners save on booking fees from Groupon.

  2. Check reviews and COVID-19 health statements. Everyone should be using precautions during this time. Ensure the companies you hire are taking health as a priority. They should have actionable plans in place to keep your family safe.

  3. Sterilize and disinfect EVERYTHING! We utilized a cleaning service to help sanitize our new space since we are renting. Lots of bleach and cleaning supplies used but well worth it!

Moving Company: Smart Move

Cleaning Company: Bathrooms Only

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I've honestly been debating if I should share our move and new financial systems on the blog or simply show the final result once we move into our home? I shared my weight-loss journey; the good, bad, and ugly. Doing so helped hundreds of women lose weight. Can I do the same with ya home buying goals? Hmmmm..... As I figure it out, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any updates and drop me a comment to tell me your take! Any other tips for moving? Until next time... xoxoxo

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