Quarantine Date Ideas

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First and foremost, I hope you’re well during the pandemic. The COVID-19 virus has impacted millions and I know we are all adjusting to our ”new normal”. Instead of looking at the many negatives, I wanted to share how we managed a date night thru this. Scoop and I, of course, used safety precautions but found that this simple date was perfect!

Date night is one of those little things you may miss but may feel bad for doing so. AHT! AHT! We’re human, so missing a piece of your life is nothing to feel bad about.

With a little planning, creativity, and safety guidelines; find your happy! Taking time to self evaluate and self care is very important. Try to remember those "little things" that bring you joy during these stressful times.

Scoop is essential and still working extended hours and I’m off since I work in Childcare Administration. So I’ve been home with the boys, organizing/packing/cleaning for our move, and now cooking all day! Easy to say me and my husband needed a little time to chill and re-connect. I'm definitely doing a moving in the pandemic blog, make sure to subscribe.

1. Check your local grocery store for deli items. Publix has an amazing sub. Like, OMG best sandwich EVVVAAAAA kinda sub. We put in our sub orders while we grabbed things for the week.

2. Find a large park. We maintained social distancing by finding such a large park we weren’t close to anyone else. It was nice seeing families walking and riding bikes, just people watching.

3. Picnic! Those sub combos were soooo good! And that Publix sweet tea SLAP!!! We watched the sunset and chatted in the open park. The fresh air was great and definitely needed after being in the house for days in end. We added blankets to the mix and it was a vibe. Watching the sunset with bae was great! (Pro Tip: you can google your local sunset time)

4. Walk! We ended our date with a short walk. It showed me how much I need to move more while at home. Not so much for weight loss, rather, simply feeling better and energized.

We came home and binged a few Netflix movies. So simple, yet, so rewarding. I hope this helps a couple! This trying time can be a strain on your relationship. Ensuring your union is solid is important regardless. Make time for each other 💕

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