Press -On Nails - Tutorial and Review

I am CONSTANTLY asked about my nails and complimented on how good they look. I'll let you in on my secret... PRESS ONS!!! People are legit shocked when I tell them how easy and durable press-ons have become. Y'all know my "Champagne tastes, discount wine budget" is a lifestyle. Do you hear me? Watch my YouTube tutorial on best practices when applying your press on's here.

Allow me to list my some of my favorite press-on Queens! These ladies ALL have amazing customer service, sturdy quality, gorgeous nail sets. Go SHOP!

Glow Getter Nail Co. Staci is based out of Tennesse and makes sure her clients get quality sets everytime! I love this brand and have worked with them the past year. Check out my updated nailfie photo selections below!

Hierarchy Nails Sherita is based right out of South Carolina but services Charlotte area often. I get complimented on my nails on a daily basis with all of my nail sets regardless of the brand. However, this set is THEE most complimented and highly inquiried set yet! Additionally I was able to get three full wears out of this one set. Yes ladies, two weeks each time, three different times, and nails look flawless each time. Whew!

Valley Girl Nail Sets Maia has been doing nails for the last eight years and is based out of San Fernando Valley. This beautiful tortoise shell and gold foil set has turned heads all week. I even have a few many compliments compliment me strictly on my nails they could even see the value in the score to say. Check out the video below of this gorgeous moving Nelfie Video!

I use to spend hours and up to $85 per nail appointment when I was going to a salon. The designs and nails were beautiful!!! Unfortunately, finding the time to schedule appointments or even GETTING an appointment was becoming a real-life struggle. During this transition from salon to press-on's, I remember getting my nails done at a "walk-in's welcome" salon. I had just booked a last minute photo shoot and my nail tech was booked. I was so mad all I could do was laugh. I figured if I paid $40 for all five nails to have different shapes, sloppy paint, and the most childish set of rhinestone's EVA, then dammit I could pay $7 and start doing my nails myself!!! Just like that, I stopped cold turkey and fell in love with press-on nails. I now utilize the ladies above for custom sets. I'm complimented on my nails DAILY, and people are so shocked that I did them myself in under 20 minutes while watching "Living Single" at 11 pm. LOL!

Not ready for custom sets yet? Try buying sets from Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and my favorite 5 and below. Check out my YouTube Tutorial to see the best practices on applying your nails. Following my steps, I get a minimum of 12 days of use per press-on set. Most commonly, I get a full two weeks of wear or more. I work in childcare, so I am regularly washing my hands, I'm a mommy with a list of chores, and I work out three times a week and my nail sets keep up with it all!

Until Next Time… xoxoxo

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