How To Be Fearless

Hey Beauties,

Wellness has been at the forefront of everything I do lately. I've shared honestly how hard 2019 was on me. Physically and emotionally I took a toll. Now, I move with more intention, and I acknowledge my feelings. The number one emotion that I battle DAILY is fear. Whew! The thought of falling flat on my face shakes me to the core and stops me from trying.

I've been better at "doing it anyway," but it's harder than it sounds. I caught this clip of me and THEE Lady A Global, my good friend, Avery Atkinson. It's always a vibe when we link up, and chatting with her always makes me feel better.

Take-Aways From Our Chat:

  1. Fear keeps us from sharing our God-given gifts. Aht! Aht!

  2. If you fail, you will learn. It's beauty in the struggle of failing.

  3. Turn that "L" into the "S' on your chest!

  4. Failing doesn't mean STOP! It means dust yourself off, readjust, add "razzle-dazzle," then try again.

  5. Talking things out with a good girlfriend, even through zoom, can be therapeutic. Find your tribe!

I hope this helps! I battle with this, and I know some of my beauties do too. But we got this! Keep sharing your gifts!

Until Next Time....


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