Crabtree Valley Mall + By Tiffany Smith

Hey Beauties,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a member of the Beautiffullyme Family. I've been a blogger for 6 years now and you ladies have held me down from day one, for that I'm grateful.

I've poured my heart and soul into every aspect of this blog turned business, and it means a lot to have your support. As you may know, I've started By Tiffany Smith, offering plus-size athletic wear and trimmers.

I'm so excited to announce; my merchandise will now be available for purchase IN STORE!!!! That's right, you'll be able to purchase all your Curves & Cardio favorites available at Crabtree Valley Mall. So perfect for shopping and conveniently located beside Sephora and the Apple Store.

The Lounge by Mom Redefined is a collective of black-owned businesses in one designer space. One store with 15 small businesses working together, to serve our communities. This unique set up is the vision of Gerrika Bunche, the owner of The Lounge, Mom Redefined, Curves Redefined, and now Home Redefined. This BOSS creates oppurtunities for other small businesses and I could not be more proud of her!

Come shop your favorites! Join me on the pink carpet to grab my winning wellness program, "21-Day Wellness Challenge," for only $10!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend and grab another friend when you come. It's all love, and you won't be disappointed! It would mean the world to me if you came and stopped by! 

RSVP HERE! It's Free :)

Crabtree Valley Mall 

October 24th

3pm - 7 pm

Until Next Time...


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