By Tiffany Smith

Hey Beauties,

Let's talk about Failures! Something that typically isn't a hot topic because who wants to admit a wrong? I Do! I Do! I think we can get so excited and wrapped up in the win that we forget what lead us there...a long list of failures, wrong turns, and misteps. I thought I'd share a major loss I took two months ago that I'm JUST now recovering from. Some of you may have noticed my name change from Beautiffullyme to By Tiffany Smith....check the link, it's not anymore. *look up*

What you don’t know is that Facebook & Instagram blocked my website, my hashtags, and the ability to share my content across ALL platforms. Including "Tiff and Scoop Show" and "Content Conglomerate". Why? Because I shared too many Black Lives Matter posts. *eyeroll* I used associated hashtags along with my high volume of reshares they labeled ME an a terrorist organization. Yep! Body positive, goofy meme, women empowering, big wig wearing ME. A black voice with reach so they tried to silence me. Unfortunately for them, I'm scrappy and I don't back down easily.

Considering I get the majority of my foot traffic from social media this blow felt like a "time out" and public "spanking" to show me I was wrong for voicing my opinion. Black people being murdered by the hands of authority is NOT ok, never will be ok, and as long as I have the ability to voice that fact-I WILL!!!! Tuh!

I had to rebuild everything and lost the ability to use the name that I’ve had from the beginning. I’ll share ALL the details of that story soon along with ways to recover if it happens to you. Because Sis is Back! 🙌🏾 In the meantime, I just want to say THANK YOU! Those that constantly support me, recommend my services, share my content, speak highly of me in front of AND behind my back 😉 are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Even with the blocks and pivot, I’m still able to make a living doing what I love and that’s not lost on me. Your support holds weight and I’m so blessed to be here walking in spaces I’ve dreamed of.

My brand will be bigger and BLACKER ✊🏾 Stay tuned...A saucy video, concept shoot, and vlog are COMING! Sis just had to get her business in order first! Check out the screenshots below.

Before I go, I wanted to share a clip from my latest Feature on Lady A Global's LIVE this week! WATCH HERE!! I thought this was perfect becasue when I first saw the alerts, I was AFRAID! How was I going to recover? Would the last 6 years just be in vain? Was this a sign to just stop? After I cried about it, cuz y'all KNOW I'm gonna cry, I sucked it up and took action! I'm back on track and better than ever. Fear and circumstance didn't stop me, don't let it stop you!

"Beautiffullyme & I are chatting about what happens when you live life outside of the box! Let's get rid of fear and live in free and fearless abundance!! Watch the rest of our chat!"

Thanks for letting me vent! Until Next Time.....


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