8 Black Fitness Instructors to follow for At Home Workouts

Updated: Oct 4

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what fitness looks like across the world. With gyms closed and so many at home, nontraditional online workouts have been popular! Considering how much money I'm currently saving on my gym membership a month, taking online courses is entirely in line with my budget and my waistline. Ayyyyeeeee!

As you know, I'm hosting my very first 21-Day Wellness Challenge. Helping hundreds of women find honest solutions to weight loss! I wanted to find some motivation for fitness to suggest to my class. As I was hunting for fitness instructors I realized how underrepresented Black Women are in the fitness world. I couldn't find a current list of Black Fitness instructors, so I decided to make one! Tuh!

I believe it's important to show positive black images and fitness is no different. It's necessary to see women who look like our loved ones or us, engaging in acts of fitness. Weight loss and working out are already hard concepts for newbies but add in an instructor who doesn't "speak" to them, and you have a group of women lost. Just as a curvy woman's shopping experience is enhanced when the clothier uses curvy models, a newbie's fitness experience enhanced when the instructor looks familiar—representation matters.

If you're looking to keep your 2020 fitness goals and check, please follow these ladies for fun and engaging IG Live, Zoom, and online Fitness classes! Weight loss is 70% what you eat and 30% how you move your body. So why not move your body in the most lit way possible? Twerking, dancing, laughing and strengthening with these beautiful ladies of this list who want the best results for you.

1. A.D. (@Beyond.the.fluff) Health coach who has lost massive weight with her clientele. Trap Cardio is a dance fitness class that mixes strength training with cardio to the hottest hip hop, Afrobeat, and Caribbean tunes. Beyond fitness, they are a safe place, a class that promotes body positivity and loving yourself to your best! Book Upcoming Classes Here!

2. Trudie (@bodyenvy1) Online Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Expert & Speaker, Corporate Wellness Specialist who works with women 40+. She teaches women how to lose 10-20 lbs in 4 weeks and keep it off! Join her 30-Day At-Home Shred today! Workouts, are pre-recorded in the Body Envy app, so exercise anytime that’s conducive to your schedule. Book Upcoming Classes Here!

3. Jasmyne (@blackfitnessmommy) Author, speaker and coach; helps busy moms SnapBack by detoxing, focusing on healthy fat loss. Bedroom Bootcamp is an experience for the woman who wants to get her body back while having fun and boosting her confidence in the bedroom! This experience allows her to "workout" with a purpose and learn how to put those glute bridges, hip thrusts, squats all to good use when she's good and ready! Book Upcoming Classes Here!

4. Chasi (@SweatInMascara) Sister-loc loving, dance fitness & style enthusiast. She is a certified fitness instructor, and with over 100 lbs under her belt (that’s weight lost) - Chasi is determined to help women make peace with the mirror and build confidence through movement and style! This plus size blogger and speaker uses her platform to encourage women of all sizes to move. Book Upcoming Classes Here!

5. Angelique (@Xsoulfitness) God Fearing, Certified Coach, Instructor, and Mother with a passion for fitness and health! Xpress Your Soul Thru Fitness is a group Fitness class on Zoom on Mon- Friday 11 am! Angelique offers meal plans and nutritional supplements to her clientele. Motivating her community to create a better lifestyle and to uplift the soul is her passion. Book Upcoming Classes Here!

6. Darlene (@darleneniara) Certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer, and Author! Darlene is passionate about her clients and providing fun and creative ways to get healthy. You can also find her on tours and gigs with the likes of Monica, Remy Ma, Afro B., and Salman Khan at the Bollywood Oscars! Book Upcoming Classes Here!

7. Cassandra (@EliteDanceWerks) Business owner, choreographer, and dance educator with over 20 years of dance training. Through her company Elite DanceWerks she believes what she achieves is beyond teaching dance skills; it's about empowering dancers to STRUT into success, WERK towards their goals, and SLAY the court, field, stage and beyond! Book Upcoming Classes Here!

8. Deja (@DejaFitBeauty) Military veteran, health and fitness coach helps women transform their bodies and mind with her online fitness and nutrition coaching program. Sharing her love of living a healthy lifestyle with women who are ready to transform your life has been a passion of Deja's! Make sure to search @Dejafitbeauty on Youtube and “KETO FIT QUEENS”on Facebook. Book Upcoming Classes Here!

Honorable Mention - (@Aruheels) of Pink Cherry Pole in Raleigh NC! This dance house is full of amazing, varying, dance styles with an inclusive selection of instructors sure to offer all the classes you've been searching for. If you're in the 919, pull up on em! They'll teach you how to strut and pole, all in one building.

Let's support these instructors during their time on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Support for those within our community is essential for continued growth and success. My goal is to take a class with each instructor before summer hits, and I can't wait! Join Us!

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