5 Tips for Instagram Growth

Updated: Apr 15

I wanted to share some tips on how to be productive in 2020. With the pandemic COVID-19 forcing quarantines around he country, now is a great time to build your online community! The number one question that slides in my DM's is:

How did you beat the algorithm or how do I get my numbers to grow organically?

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I may not know everything, but I have mastered Instagram and the infamous algorithm. I also quickly learned about shadow bans and hashtags to avoid. I have not paid for a sponsored post since last April, and my numbers have doubled! Now, I'll be the first to admit that numbers aren't everything. However, as an up and coming: blogger, influencer, or model; creating excellent content that no one is viewing can be tough. I personally know how much work goes into a pretty picture, and the goal is to keep your audience engaged all while bringing more to the table. Along with wanting to capture your target audience, having a strong social presence can funnel visitors to your website/blog, help solidify you to brands, and grow your presence in this forever changing digital world. STOP paying for promoting or sponsoring your posts on Instagram.

However, if you are seriously trying to master Instagram like a Pro, I've created an Ebook and Video Webinar. For the price of ONE sponsored post, you can learn how to target your audience better and grow your numbers yourself. I've helped others see real results on their Instagram without buying followers or paying for ads. The knowledge that you gain does NOT work overnight, but you will witness your numbers increase within a week of implementing this program.

I'm listing three tips on how to better your Instagram feed:

1. Do the work in real life, brand yourself: Instagram is a great way to funnel new traffic. Are you leading them to a blog? New design? Subscribe to your website? Whatever the end goal is, make sure to have your real-life tools ready (Website, merchandise, model comp card, etc.)

2. Know your audience, target them: Regardless if you are a newbie or have created content for years, you should know whom you're creating content for or whom you expect to buy your merchandise. For example, if you are a natural hair care company, seeking out women with natural hair makes more sense than marketing to everybody. Everybody cant utilize you as your targeted market can.

3. Make it pretty, but make it business: People are naturally attracted to aesthetics. So making your page standout will be extremely helpful. However, always keep things professional. You never know who is watching you!

Were these tips helpful? Want more help? Grab my Instagram workbook for only $5 or get the workbook AND access to the 1-hour webinar and month access to an interactive Facebook group for only $15.

Take my $15 All Inclusive Instagram Course NOW!

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