21-Day Wellness Challenge

Updated: May 24

Hey Beauties!

I'm so excited to announce, that TODAY starts my very first wellness challenge! I'm so glad you're here!!!! I decided to create this interactive yet self-lead 21-Day fitness and weight loss challenge with a twist.

Weight loss is as mental as it is physical. You will have to "battle" yourself in order to defeat old habits. But I gotchu, Sis! After losing 85 lbs back in 2016, I gained 60 lbs back after using the Depo Shot birth control. Depo-Provera birth control side effects included weight gain for me. So in April 2019, I started my journey OVER. I'm HAPPY to say that I am almost back to my original weight! I've worked hard utilizing intermittent fasting. Through my trails, I've learned so much about my body and how to be successful in weight loss. Since we're weeks away, I figured, I'd help other women conquer their weight loss goals.

Watch today's Monday Motivation Below! Join my exclusive Facebook community.

The Rules are simple: No carbs, junk, only water, add fitness and wellness into your daily routine.

All paying participants will gain access to an exclusive Facebook group. There you will find an easy meal plan with additional yummy recipes for versatility, at-home workouts, tutorials, and the "Welcome" video outlining all the affordable items you'll need to be successful and WHY they help! This video will be the perfect motivational booster to start your journey and will be an informative girl talk you don't want to miss!

I'm dropping gems on exactly HOW to be successful with intermittent fasting, and the BEST and easiest way to drink a gallon of water daily, even if you barely drink water now. Join my exclusive Facebook community for more! Just for joining my email list, you'll get some tips every Monday during the 21-Day Challenge!

Need Apps to help? Check out my favorite weight loss applications for my iPhone below. In the group, I go over how to set up your "My Fitness Pal" account and how to incorporate apps into your goals.

That's all for now, join me here next week as I share more tips or join the Facebook group. Next week we will dive into what a "Fat Project" is and how it can save you calories!!!! Additionally how focusing on your success outside of weight loss can help you win!

Until Next Time...


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